Currently, I’m a web designer with an interest in cooking and enjoy finding good restaurants. Hand me a new cooking book and I’m happy. I also enjoy reading comics and actively watching TV.

I’m a vegetarian and I have some pretty horrific food allergies so eating food hasn’t always been a thrill ride for me.

One big allergy for me has been garlic. Until about two years ago, the slightest bit of garlic in a dish would make me very sick, but today, I can have a tiny bit and it won’t kill me or ruin my day. I still can’t have garlic mash potatoes, though I won’t die from French salad dressing. (Please don’t tell me how much you love garlic and how you couldn’t live without it and how you don’t know how I do. Everyone tells me this when I say that I’m allergic to garlic and I want to slap them.)

In addition to garlic, I have several other food allergies to varying degrees. Some I can eat one in a while even as a main dish; others I can eat tiny bits; and some I avoid completely. Things I am allergic to include (and are not limited to): garlic, onions, strawberries, apples, black beans, paprika, cinnamon, almost all food dyes, kidney beans, sugar cane, beet sugar, bell peppers, peas, cola, eggs, and oats. You’ll notice many recipes I use, I cut these things out.

My food allergies made me see food as something that is required for life. I ate, but I didn’t enjoy it. I ate because as a carbon lifeform I require food to make energy and my stomach would rumble. I started out as a crap cook, simply because I didn’t care and could eat about anything I made since I knew it wouldn’t make me sick. Now my cooking talents have evolved a lot and others enjoy my food too.

All opinions on this blog are my own and in no way affiliated with anyone, any corporation, or the flying spaghetti monster.

– Erica McGillivray

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